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In a weekly Torah lecture in Jerusalem on Saturday night, Yosef said: "MK Yossi Sarid is the 'Dark Side.' He is Satan, may his name and memory be erased. How long do we have to suffer this wicked man? God will extirpate him, the way he will extirpate Amalek.

"Cursed is Haman. Cursed is Yossi Sarid. He must be uprooted from the seed of Israel... Just as revenge was wrought on Haman, so will it be wrought on him."

Yosef's words were received with thunderous applause and shouts of approval from the congregants in the Bukharan Quarter synagogue. The remarks were also broadcast by Shas radio and satellite television relays, and then yesterday on the national networks.

Amalek is described in Exodus as the sworn enemy of Israel. Haman, a descendent of Amalek, is the villain of the Book of Esther, whose unsuccessful plot to destroy the Jews is celebrated on Purim, which begins tonight...

A Justice Ministry official said that the officials are "inclined" to order an investigation into a possible violation of the Terrorism Prevention Order prohibiting encouragement of acts of violence. The violation carries a maximum jail sentence of three years. The State Attorney's Office is also considering investigating Yosef on charges of insulting a public servant and issuing threats. Rubinstein said he wanted some time to consider these charges.

The participants at a justice-ministry-meeting's watched a videotape of Yosef's sermon. The official said the participants were particularly disturbed by the reaction of the congregants. They were so electrified that one of them might actually do something, the official quoted participants as saying.

According to the participants, Yosef's attack on Sarid met both the criteria that override the basic right of freedom of expression - the words contained the inherent potential to violence and were aimed at a specific individual.
"Ovadia has gone too far this time," one of them was quoted as saying.

Yosef might be able to avoid an investigation if he apologizes for his words, but the apology would have to be "colossal," said one observer after the meeting.

The participants acknowledged that the investigation of Yosef would be difficult and might trigger angry public reaction, but said such potential repercussions should not be taken into account.

Justice Minister Yossi Beilin sharply criticized Yosef. In an interview with Israel Radio, Beilin said: "To sit in the synagogue and utter such terrible words as these is a sacrilege. Had Yossi Sarid happened to be in the area at the time the rabbi made these statements, he would have been lynched."

Beilin said the matter cannot be ignored and that the subsequent explanation by Yishai that the words were spoken in the spirit of Purim was "insufficient. I hope he will say something much more serious."

The Movement for Quality Government also wrote to Rubinstein demanding that he order police to investigate Yosef. It was a stage-setting move meant to pave the way for a petition the High Court of Justice in case Rubinstein decides to close the case.

Yosef's words "constitute a clear and imminent danger to the life of Yossi Sarid," wrote the movement's legal adviser, Barak Calev.
"You must take into account that that these words are a call to action when Sarid is named... alongside the name of that oppressor of Jews, the evil Haman."

Last year, the movement petitioned the High Court after Rubinstein decided not to investigate Yosef for an attack against the justices of the Supreme Court. The court ruled that it was backing Rubinstein's decision "this time."

Yosef's outburst was not his first against Sarid and Meretz. This time, the criticism centers on what Shas perceives as Sarid's failure to deal equitably with its Ma'ayan Hahinuch Hatorani schools.

Following an early morning conversation with Yishai, Barak fell short of condemning Yosef in his statement on the issue during yesterday's cabinet session. Barak said he was upset by the remark and disagreed with it. The premier said he hoped a way would be found to undo the wrong, especially because it was committed by spiritual leader whose words affect hundreds of thousands of people.

"We must find a path for public coexistence in a spirit of mutual respect and brotherly love," said Barak.
Using the language of the Purim and Hanukka liturgy, Barak said Jews have witnessed the results of causeless hatred "not only in those days, but also today." Therefore, even the response to Yosef's words must be responsible, said Barak.

At Yishai's request, the Yosef affair was not discussed further during the cabinet meeting.
Barak met Sarid yesterday afternoon for about an hour, but neither made any comment afterward.

Democratic Choice leader Roman Bronfman called for the establishment of a national unity government with the Likud. Bronfman accused Shas of dividing the people and endangering democracy.
"If Yosef's not fit to be tried, he should be sent to the appropriate institutions," said MK Ilan Gilon (Meretz), who called for Shas's expulsion from the coalition and new elections.

Amos Oz: 
Yosef's attacks are foul language

Yosef's attacks are nothing more than foul language,? writer Amos Oz said, referring to Yosef's comparison of Yossi Sarid to Haman, Sunday. Talking to IDF Radio, Oz said he was surprised that Prime Minister Ehud Barak did not condemn more strongly Yosef's words, which sounded like an incitement for murder. I hope Shas opts to dissociate itself from these incitements of bloodshed,? he added.

The Justice Ministry is saying this morning that there is a very high probability the attorney general will order starting an investigation against Rabbi Ovadia Yosef following his harsh comments made last night against Education Minister Yossi Sarid. In his weekly sermon, broadcast via satellite to Shas followers, Yosef equated Sarid with the evil character of Haman (of the book of Esther).? (Israel Radio)

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