Konzert-Tipps Berlin

Zwei israelische Künstler sind auf dem Weg in die Hauptstadt…

Hello Berlin’s music lovers! We are happy to invite you to a great Double Feature night with two amazing artists from Israel: Moran Magal and Aletchko.

Moran Magal will touch you with her warm and vibrant voice, and will charm you with her passionate piano witch seems to be an extension of her body. Moran will play her original music and also original piano and vocal arrangements for Heavy Metal hits! ( The shade of Metal Project ). Recently she took part in The Voice show and drove crazy the jury and the crowd.

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If you do appreciate Balkan groove, oriental sound and upbeat world music – you should not miss this violinist – Aletchko. He brings this crazy mix of Russian virtuosity and Mediterranean temper. To make a long story short – Must see!

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23.10.14, 20.30, Linnen Berlin, Eberswalder Str. 35, Eintritt frei
31.10.14, 22.00, Castle Pub Berlin, Hochstr. 2

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